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Files and Drawings

Q: What types of files can you accept? 

A:  We are a licensed user of Solidworks professional CAD software and this is our preferred format. If unavailable, we can import files from most CAD formats including .igs .stp .dxf and .dwg. Files created with art packages (like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw) are importable but often require clean-up of overlapping lines and points by our CAD department. Please see our pricing page. Our Thermwood CNC router will also accept files output from eCabinet Systems Software, which can be downloaded for free by members. See the eCabinet website for more details.

Q: I don't have CAD files, can you still CNC cut parts for me? 

A: Absolutely! We can work with paper prints, napkin drawings, or even reverse-engineer parts from an existing sample. Please contact us for details.

Q: How do I get my files to you? 

A: Please fill out our contact form and we will reply with an email address to which you can send your files. Alternately, we can provide an upload link for large files.

QHow do I know my file imported properly?

A: Depending on job requirements, we will provide you with dimensioned part and/or sheet-layout drawings to be approved before any material is cut.

Q: My file is proprietary/confidential, will you sign an NDA? 

A: Of course! We work on many confidential and proprietary projects and are happy to afford our clients the protection of a non-disclosure agreement.

Parts and Material

Q: Does Boxer CNC supply material? 

A: At this point, Boxer only cuts customer-supplied material. We are happy to recommend suppliers you may wish to try depending on requirements.

Q: I have a lot of similar or hard-to-identify parts. Can you label them? 

A: We are happy to label your parts, per the names you specify, for an additional fee.

Q: What will happen with my off-cut/scrap material? 

A: Unless otherwise requested, scrap material is discarded or recycled.

Q: What is the turn around time for my project? 

A: Once we have approved part files in hand we normally start new projects within 1-2 weeks of recieving an order. However, it is recommended to confirm our schedule if in doubt. Rush service is available.

Q: What types of material can I cut on your CNC and how thick can the material be? 

A: We can cut any non-ferrous material up to 3" thick using multiple passes.

Q: What are the largest and/or smallest parts I can cut on your CNC? 

A: Our table is 61x121" (5'1" x 10'1") minus .25" all around for bit kerf. We can cut to a thickness of 3". Small parts usually need to be tabbed or left with a skin on the bottom to prevent from moving and sometimes also require a "collar" of additional material to hold in place. While there is no real limit to part size, we can offer advise on practical considerations upon viewing your files.

Q: What is tabbing?

A:Tabbing is a process whereby our router bit moves up slightly for a predefined distance and then back down to create a small bridge between parts. We generally create tabs of .08" in height by .75" and find this process works well to keep small parts from shifting. To remove tabs, customers generally use a knife or copy router bit to clean the final part. Some sanding may also be required.

QMy project requires an unusual profile or bit shape. Can you accommodate?

A:Our workflow and software is geared towards straight-cut bits and drills. We are able to use alternate bits but due to programming time, tool cost and fixture creation, they are often only economical on large runs of parts. Please email or call us to discuss.

A Few Additional Considerations

  • Our CNC works in "2 1/2 -D", and not 3-D. This means we can travel, drill, cut and pocket freely in the X/Y axis, but we can not create arcs in the Z-axis using our current software. Please contact us if clarification is required. 
  • The surfaces of the material we cut remains unfinished when returned to you. We do not paint, edge-band or otherwise process material at this time.
  • It is possible for material to be damaged on a CNC router, mostly from parts shifting due to small surface areas. Boxer has techniques in place to mitigate shifting and material damage, but no system is foolproof. If material is damaged while cutting, we will re-cut it free of charge. Unfortunately, we can not replace or be liable for any customer material. We recommend budgeting 3-5% extra material for your job when determining your requirements.
  • Our main cutting bit is .25" straight cutter. This bit will leave a .125" radius on all inside corners it is used to cut. Keep this in mind when designing parts, especially when mortise-and-tenon type joints are intended.
  • We can drill holes in most diameters, to any depth. Our standard drills are .125 and .1875", while .25" and larger holes are cut via the main cutting bit, meaning any size larger than .25" can be achieved. Non-standard drills may be subject to an additional charge depending on availability in our tool library.



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